Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thomas Keller on Charlie Rose: The Interview

Charlie Rose's interview of Thomas Keller aired last week, and I think it's a strong piece. I had hoped to embed the clip here, but since the segment is nearly a half-hour long, it takes forever to load when you launch it through a blog. And really, no matter how much you love me, inevitably you will hate my guts if you have to stare at a turtle-paced "Buffering 10%.... Buffering 11%.... Buffering 12%" for the next nine hours. So, go ahead and watch it on Charlie Rose's site. Where it only takes a nanosecond to load. I promise. I think you'll enjoy it. I know I did.

p.s. -- a quick note to Charlie Rose's production staff about that closing credits music. It's a little too Cinemax at Night. Yipes.


Anonymous said...

i'm way too uncultured to be watching charlie rose without prompting, but a friend told me about this and i went to take a look. in his archive, he has a million neat looking interviews that i plan to go back and take a look at. batali, buford, child, ducase, dufresne, another keller, lomanaco, ramsey, reichl, ripert, robuchon, samuelsson, vong and waters jumped out at me as ones i will need to block off a day (right) to take a look at.

ps: i'm making the pineapple chop tonight with a pineapple my mom grew, but i think i'm going to make mine a pineapple tenderloin. i'm way too a-d-d to cut those chops.

The Italian Dish said...

Wow, Carol, thank you so much for posting this. I enjoyed every minute of the interview. Keller is such a class act. Never would have known about the interview otherwise (that's why we come to you!) Can't wait to watch the Alice Waters interview.

michael, claudia and sierra said...

yes, i tivo'd it
liked it very much
he's got nice hands

i'd totally do 'em

his philosophy about food and restaurants is so wonderful. you just know that man - is a very very good man.